Mentoring Program

            Our Brothers Guardian mentoring program upholds the principles of family, respect, and unity.  In order to develop these principles mentees participate in weekly mentoring sessions over the course of the academic school year that strengthens their character, confidence, and commitment. Our mentees are expected to make progress in all of their academic courses and submit progress reports and report cards for review.  The essence of the mentoring program’s curriculum is knowledge of our core vocabulary- respect, choices, responsibility, accountability, discipline, self-control, self-esteem- and its relevance in everyday life.  Each term will be addressed over an 8-10 week period that includes definition, discussion, assessment, and application of each term.

            Our children must learn the basic skills necessary not just to survive but to thrive.  The ability to make good choices is one of the greatest predictors of leading a successful and productive life.  Mentees will follow strict behavioral protocol to promote discipline and a uniform dress code to promote self-esteem and professionalism while participating in mentoring sessions.  Sessions will focus on ‘real talk’ round-table discussions, ‘look in the mirror’ reflections and affirmations, deportment and etiquette lessons.

             Strong families are the cornerstone of strong communities and as such the OBG family requires parent/family participation at least once per month in order to ensure that we maintain shared values and goals.  Families are also encouraged to participate in and volunteer for OBG sponsored fundraisers and activities. 

            In the course of developing responsible and productive citizens, the OBG family makes a commitment to giving back to the community.  We are in service to our elders, participants in the democratic and judicial processes, activists for local causes, and interns to local businesses and entrepreneurs. These areas of focus will be an integral part of each mentee's experience in the program.  It is our belief that immersion in these areas of focus will result in young adults who are emotionally stable, life-long learners who are active in their communities and successful professionals.