I am a man




“Ensuring that we foster brotherhood, service, and mentorship by exhibiting that we are men through precept and by example. Understanding that we live in a do as I do society we will ensure that we do not place burdens on each other or those we serve that we ourselves cannot carry. Ultimately, we will ensure that we are always a help and never become a hindrance to the brotherhood and those we serve”.




The brothers of I am a Man will organize to serve our community. We will provide the young men of Southeast Queens, New York with guidance, direction, and positive examples to emulate. We will also provide the young men that we engage and mentor with another resource that will aid them in identifying their purpose and direction, as well as a source to help them create a road map for a successful future.



The brothers of I am a Man are the organizations most valuable resources. Where we differ from other organizations is, we will capture our strength through commitment to each other, serving our cause and the brotherhood, and by demonstrating integrity, ethics, values, empathy and compassion for our community.



“You’re Either Part of the Solution or you’re Part of the Problem.” (Eldridge Cleaver)